Remote Desktop Connection Manager

imageIf you are not aware of this, and you are consistently connecting from server to server to server to server to server to server… (you get the point). Well then, consider this making you aware of it, as before today, I had completely forgotten about it entirely!

I was aware of its existence, and, I apparently even had it installed already today, when I downloaded it and went to install it again, as it asked me to repair or remove it. What is it? Well, think of it as RDP, but, with a sprinkling of awesome.

The description from Microsoft: “RDCMan manages multiple remote desktop connections. It is useful for managing server labs where you need regular access to each machine such as automated checkin systems and data centers. It is similar to the built-in MMC Remote Desktops snap-in, but more flexible.”

Where to download it:

A screenshot from the Microsoft Exchange Team Blog

And their great blog post about it:

This blog entry image at the top with the “Double Facepalm”, not only from, but, discovered and brought to my attention by none other than Mark Rackley, who implanted this in our ‘Just Freakin’ Work! Overcoming Hurdles and Avoiding Pain’ session we co-present on. Thanks Mark – works perfect to convey my sentiments today about this…

Thank you @GoToMeeting, and thank you Twitter

I’ve posted before about the wonders of Twitter. Usually in comments, or, because of a Twitter conversation, and entire article. Today again saved me loads of time, thanks to the wonderful world of “micro-blogging”.

With the SharePoint Saturday Boston #3 Webinar series we are currently running, GoToWebinar allows you to record the sessions, and saves them off in a WMV format. These play nicely in Windows Media Player, however, I cannot seem to convert them to any other format, nor, upload them to any online video site, such as Vimeo.

I struggled with this for the past couple of days, and then finally posted today to The Brain Trust (a.k.a. Twitter), looking for solutions.


@tigertoy responded (Thank you! Glad someone reads what I write! Brian – the check is in the mail – I promise!)


to which I responded with the following


I think, luckily, I used GoToMeeting rather than GoToWebinar in my tweet, which then sourced this from the fine folks at Citrix


Thus solving my problem, within the span of a few minutes. Again – the wonderful world of “micro-blogging” saves me again. Thanks again @GoToMeeting!

Trying to find a new theme…

I got used to the 3 possible theme options from Live spaces, in fact, I kinda grew to love them. It was basically the only real customization that could be done on Live spaces. Now, on WordPress, I have all of these fancy widgets, awesome stats, and more.

The one thing I am struggling with is a new theme for the site. One looks great, but, my code snippets get mashed up, or, the columns are too thin, or, like my current theme ‘enterprise’, I am stuck with that annoying category display on the top.

In any event – please bear with me, as I work through selecting a new theme for this thing 🙂

Move to WordPress

Live Spaces is apparently giving up the ghost, and urging its bloggers to move over to WordPress, which is how you got here most likely! With that come a few changes in the blog, some redirections that need to take place, etc.

I am late enough as it is with a follow-up blog post to the most recent SharePoint Saturday Boston (it was on 9/25!), so the updates to the blog will need to wait a while longer, until I can at least get that out 🙂

So – please bear with me until I can tidy this up! The good part about his is, as I have been planning a migration to SharePoint for the blog (this is a SharePoint focused blog…), without wanting to manually move 190 posts – there are tools pout there to do this – so, thanks Windows Live for making the move to a more migrate-able platform! More changes, and posts, to be coming soon.



VMWare Player Error: “Failed to open virtual machine: Failed to query source for information.”

I was converting over one of the last of my few Virtual PC images to VMWare today, and received this error. I had to do a little searching before I found what the problem was, it was due to the Virtual Machine Configuration file (*.vmc), being in a separate directory than the VHD that it was referencing.

My scenario:

VMC file located in J:\Virtual Images\Server2003_01.vmc

The VHD file was located in J:\Virtual Images\Server2003_01\Server2003_01.vhd

Moving the VMC file into the J:\Virtual Images\Server2003_01\ directory did the trick. I could now open the VMC file in VMWare player, and convert it over.

Just wanted to share this quick tidbit… hope it can help someone else!


Find a Font from an Image File!

While not directly SharePoint, or even Microsoft related, I had to share this tip. I was updating a graphic in a SharePoint site today, which someone else had done, and could not get in contact with them, I had an interesting problem, in which anyone who has done any sort of design has probably come across at some point – how do you find a font based solely on an image?

I found the answer via a quick Google Bing search > has a neat online utility now, that, allows you to upload an image…


it then attempts to isolate the letters, with verification from you, the end user…


and then attempts to return some possible results!


While I did not find any direct matches with Bing, it is a very cool program, and did work in my case. It may not be the EXACT same font, but, it was 99.5% there, and did the job I needed it to. I think probably the best design feature put on the results page, is the scrolling image you had uploaded, so that you could accurately match it up with the example results shown.


Just a short update, I am still alive! It’s been (months?!?) now since my last post here, it’s been a very busy time. Lots of project work, the SharePoint Conference in Vegas, more project work, moving, a few computer crashes, new laptop, and other things…

Lots of GREAT information came out of the SharePoint conference, which I will start to blog about in the near future (especially once I get my hands on the public beta of 2010 when it arrives), more speaking engagements, and other goodness. So, thanks for staying tuned!

10% Discount code for Microsoft certification exams valid through March ‘09

SharePoint MVP Ishai Sagi posted a discount promotion code allowing you to take 10% off any Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) exam, and receive a free second chance voucher.

More details available here:

Expanding Virtual Hard Disk Size

I do most of my development between one of several local virtual machines. Today I ran into an issue, where I was installing the Infrastructure Updates to my environment on one of my machines, and low and behold, it ate up all but a few hundred megs of space on the drive after the SP1 installations and the WSS infrastructure update. The bad news – Infrastructure updates cannot be uninstalled, so I needed to get the MOSS Infrastructure update done to actually be able to use SharePoint at all on this development machine.

My host machine is running Vista, so, that ruled out this handy utility from Xtralogic (, as it does not support Vista.

I did come across this one however, which is even better, as it’s free:

I found a great article explaining how to get it done here:

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