Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Hartford – 2011

I found out this afternoon from Pradeepa Siva (@PipsTips), that I will be having two sessions at SharePoint Saturday Hartford! SharePoint Saturday Hartford will be taking place just outside Hartford, on January 29th, 2011. The other details have been kept secret up until this point… maybe we’ll host it inside an abandoned submarine in the middle of downtown Hartford? Or even better yet, the HARTFORD CIVIC CENTER! I hope I can do my session in the locker room of the Big Whale. That would rock. Being a hockey-playing Western-Massian, I love The Whale.

I will be there in my HFD Whaler’s shirt no doubt – so please Pradeepa, don’t bother ordering me a speaker shirt Smile

Oh – wait – what sessions am I doing might be good information to give out here…

Creating Custom Actions in SharePoint 2010

And, I will also be delivering, with one of my esteemed colleagues, Tim Farrell –

Producing a Custom Solution from the Ground Up

Should be a great event, and I am definitely looking forward to it!


SharePoint Saturday Boston #3 Webinar Series Recordings

altGood evening! We announced this on Friday during Richard Harbridge’s webinar on Friday, and I also wanted to push this out here. We have been recording the webinar series, and are now posting the recorded videos of the presentations by our great presenters, at the SharePoint Saturday Boston webinar series page here: http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/boston/Pages/SPSBos3WebinarSeries.aspx

Within a week after each session, barring any unforeseen obstacles (acts of god, clients, etc.), I will get these up and posted for everyone.

Please, also, let us know what you think of the webinar series! Either in my blog here, via e-mail at SPSBoston@live.com, or, on Twitter – use hashtag #SPSBos or tweet us directly @SPSBoston

Thank you!

Thank you @GoToMeeting, and thank you Twitter

I’ve posted before about the wonders of Twitter. Usually in comments, or, because of a Twitter conversation, and entire article. Today again saved me loads of time, thanks to the wonderful world of “micro-blogging”.

With the SharePoint Saturday Boston #3 Webinar series we are currently running, GoToWebinar allows you to record the sessions, and saves them off in a WMV format. These play nicely in Windows Media Player, however, I cannot seem to convert them to any other format, nor, upload them to any online video site, such as Vimeo.

I struggled with this for the past couple of days, and then finally posted today to The Brain Trust (a.k.a. Twitter), looking for solutions.


@tigertoy responded (Thank you! Glad someone reads what I write! Brian – the check is in the mail – I promise!)


to which I responded with the following


I think, luckily, I used GoToMeeting rather than GoToWebinar in my tweet, which then sourced this from the fine folks at Citrix


Thus solving my problem, within the span of a few minutes. Again – the wonderful world of “micro-blogging” saves me again. Thanks again @GoToMeeting!

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