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For those of you that do not follow every blog post, twitter conversation, podcast, etc. relating to SharePoint, there has been lots of content being pushed out regarding the use and integration of the popular (and easy to use) jQuery JavaScript Library with SharePoint.

The blog End User SharePoint has had a great running series regarding the use of jQuery with SharePoint – jQuery for Everyone, and I suggest that you start with these articles to give you a good idea of what is possible by combining this great library with SharePoint.

There have also been some great projects on CodePlex for integrating (and making use of) the jQuery library in SharePoint, and I would like to highlight a few of those here.

To integrate the jQuery library into SharePoint, I highly recommend this very well thought-out and easy-to-use solution package for SharePoint – SharePoint ClientSide Extensions. This solution package allows you to include not only the jQuery library at the site level in SharePoint, but, also allows you to include the jQuery UI Extensions, the Prototype JavaScript framework, the JavaScript library and supporting libraries, as well as the Ext JavaScript library, all from a clean settings page that appears under the Look and Feel settings section on the site this feature is activated on.

In addition to the great code examples posted at End User SharePoint, Jan Tielens has posted some great projects to CodePlex that make sue of the jQuery library:

  • TableRow Highlight“uses jQuery to highlight table rows when the mouse pointer is hovering above them”
  • Dock Navigation – “adds an overlay to every page of a site to allow users to navigate to the Lists and Document Libraries of that site”

As I encounter more great uses of the jQuery and other JavaScript libraries in SharePoint, I will showcase them in later posts on this blog.

[Updated 1.21.09] Another blog out there that has been utilizing and showing code samples for jQuery in SharePoint is Path to SharePoint. This is a great site, and has a new post up as of today talking about using jQuery to add a slider/sizer to the Gantt view in SharePoint: A slider for the Gantt view



About Geoff Varosky
Geoff Varosky is a Senior Architect for Insight, based out of Watertown, MA. He has been architecting and developing web based applications his entire career, and has been working with SharePoint for the past 15 years. Geoff is an active member of the SharePoint community, Co-Founder and Co-Organizer of the Boston Area SharePoint Users Group, co-founder for the Boston Office 365 Users Group, co-organizer for SharePoint Saturday Boston and speaks regularly at SharePoint events and user groups.

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  1. Praveen says:

    Good explanation. I wrote a small article on integrting JQuery in SharePoint. Which will explains how to add the Jquery files and access them in pages.

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