SharePoint 2010 Balsamiq Mockups Template

If you haven’t used Balsamiq Mockups before, you should check it out. It is an awesome tool for generating on the fly wireframes for SharePoint, and just about everything else.

Now that you’ve had a chance to look at it (and download and play with it), you are probably thinking… hey, I work in SharePoint, is there a good starter template I can use? Well, I am glad you asked. My good buddy, and colleague, The James Sturges, came up with a great template for it. Go and check out his post on the matter here:


About Geoff Varosky
Geoff Varosky is a Senior Architect for Insight, based out of Watertown, MA. He has been architecting and developing web based applications his entire career, and has been working with SharePoint for the past 15 years. Geoff is an active member of the SharePoint community, Co-Founder and Co-Organizer of the Boston Area SharePoint Users Group, co-founder for the Boston Office 365 Users Group, co-organizer for SharePoint Saturday Boston and speaks regularly at SharePoint events and user groups.

One Response to SharePoint 2010 Balsamiq Mockups Template

  1. Great post! Balsamiq is an awesome tool. 🙂

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