Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks, and lots of acceptances and confirmations have come through over the past couple of weeks, enough so that I have not been able to get out posts for each one. So, I thought I would cover a few bases at once, and get all of these out there. I also keep an updated speaking and event calendar hosted here: https://gvaro.wordpress.com/calendar/.


January, 2011

  • January 22, 2011: SharePoint Saturday EMEA – Live, Online
    • Presenting “The Ribbon UI and Custom Actions in SharePoint 2010”
  • January 29 2011: SharePoint Saturday Hartford – Bloomfield, CT
    • Presenting “Creating Custom Actions in SharePoint 2010”
    • Co-Presenting with Tim Farrell “Producing a Custom Solution from the Ground Up”

February, 2011

March, 2011

April, 2011

June, 2011


More events that I will be involved with, either through sponsoring, hosting, presenting, organizing, or other ways over the next few months are below.

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