Office 365 Admin App

imageOn November 21st, Microsoft announced the release of the Office 365 Admin App for Windows 8 phones, allowing administrators to check on the health status of their tenant while on the go.

As of December 12th, Microsoft quickly followed up with apps for both Android and iOS.

For Android (4.2.1 and up), download the app from Google Play.

For iOS 7, download the app from the Apple App Store.

Server Admin Quick Tip – “Access is denied” when saving a text file with Notepad


Seen this error before when trying to save a text file, such as a web.config? Frustrating isn’t it? It’s Notepad! It should be able to walk to school, in 3 feet of snow, without shoes, uphill, both ways, without so much as a whimper. Well, apparently it has it’s limitations, as it so easily let you know.

The quick fix? Run it as administrator. Yep! You can definitely do this with Notepad, just like other applications, like the command prompt, and Internet Explorer.


Listing all available PowerShell commands in SharePoint 2010

Wanted to share this with my handful of readers, as it is a reference I use often, and also what comes back first in a search. The following blog has two commands for listing out all SharePoint-related PowerShell commands in 2010. In an effort not to steal his thunder, I’ll just post the link here so you can go get those commands.

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