The end of an era, and the start of a new one.

Today marks the end of an era. An almost 7-year era for me…

I started with GraceHunt in early October, 2004, brought in by a former colleague and good friend of mine. Up until that point, I had not done much on the consulting side, except for a private web development business I ran on the side for years. I had jobs in the industry prior to GraceHunt has a Systems Engineer, Systems Administrator, Data Center Manager, Network Engineer, and yes, even a dial up support technician very early on.

All of these things came together well for me when I came across SharePoint, shortly after joining GraceHunt, especially from having created complex intranet applications by hand for years on Perl and PHP. After a day of playing with SharePoint – at the time – I referred to it as “an intranet in a box”. Since then, and especially in the past four years, SharePoint became my main focus, and I have not even bothered looking back, just barreling head on into SharePoint more and more each day (there is always something new to learn!).


With that, and as a progression of my career, I am pleased to announce, that starting next week, I will be joining up with the great team over at Jornata. I having had several conversations with Scott Jamison, everything just made sense. I look forward to still being heavily involved in the SharePoint community, and maybe even a bit more than I have been over these past few years, and looking forward to many great years with Jornata.

I worked with a great group of people at GraceHunt, a good amount of whom had been there since the beginning like myself. I wish them all the best of luck, and will miss working each day along side them. I am definitely looking forward to have those same kind of extended-family connections at Jornata.

My first official day will be September 26, 2011 – and I cannot wait to get started.

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