Description Meta Tag in SharePoint Publishing Pages

I guess the title is a bit misleading, because in SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010, the Description meta tag does not exist.

After a bit of googling on Bing, I came up with several free solutions people have written, such as Waldek Mastykarz Mavention Meta Fields, WCM Utilities on Codeplex, to name a few. But the solution I landed on was so simple, so easy, so perfectly perfect, I went with it. I found it here:

Buried as an unmarked answer, within this thread. This works for both SharePoint 2007, and 2010 publishing pages, and it works well. Below is the reply I am referencing. So, Praggers, whoever you are, thank you.


A note for 2010 (and possibly 2007, I did not take the 2 minutes it would require to find out, sorry!), the “Description” field’s internal name is Comments. So be sure to change FieldName=”Description” to FieldName=”Comments” within the code for your page layout.

Thank you Praggers!

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