Oh, hey everyone!

Hey folks! This blog has gone a little stagnant for a while. I’ve been busy, and have not been able to dedicate many of the working day hours to upkeep here.

But I hope to change that going forward. Within the past two years I have started up a YoueTube channel for some of my many hobbies (woodworking, metalworking, leatherworking, and just about ever other maker-thing you can think of, and some you have not) here at The New Janky Workshop. So, check that out (and subscribe!) if you’re into that sort of thing!

With that personal endeavour, I’ve also REALLY gotten into video editing and publishing (because yes, I need MOAR hobbies). So, I am going to try to semi-regularly post to my new channel, for things Microsoft, SharePointy, and other M365 topics (and also Azure, PowerShell, and other goodness). So, if you’re interested in that stuff (which, by the sake of you being on this post at all, likely means that you are). Please check it out: The SharePoint Yankee (and also subscribe there too!).

It’s brand new (so new, in fact, I just posted a quick short video today on it as my first one…). So, follow along, leave comments there or here on how you like the videos, what you’d like to see, and more, and I’ll get cracking on it.


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