"Sticky" System Tray Icons in Windows 10

So, I just got a new laptop for work. And this is really my first time using Windows 10 on a daily basis. I know… I know… I am way behind the times for someone that works with technology for a job… but really, the only time I upgrade my work laptop OS is when I get a new one. I just have far too much going on usually to take a couple days out to install a new OS and redo everything that comes along with it. It takes things like the entire USB bus, networking, and hard drive failing out on me every 20 minutes to get me to do something…

Anyways, now that you are caught up on the backstory here, one of the main things I was lacking in Windows 10 that I need (or really really really wanted), is quick access to system tray icons.

As a consultant, I am constantly jumping from client VPN to client VPN, and also need tools like PureText, because I do a lot of copying and pasting, so I need quick access to these things. Clicking the chevron, and then finding the icon I want, then right clicking it is far too much for me apparently now that I’ve been so used to being able to do so.

I could not figure out for the life of me how to duplicate the "Show icon and notifications" option that I had in Windows 8.1. So, I went to the googleverse… and came across a Lifehacker article. The article itself did not help… but down in the comments, I found this gem:


Hah! Look at that! Easy and simple, and now I am happy. Just wanted to share this nugget!

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