New Version of SPDisposeCheck Released Today (12/13/10)!

Saw a tweet from J.D. Wade (@JDWade) today, that Roger Lamb released a new version today of SPDisposeCheck. If you’ve been in my Best Practices for SharePoint Development session I do with Mark Rackley, or, if you are a SharePoint developer, you should know what this is.

But, in case you do not know what it is, here is a comment straight from the linked post below:

SPDisposeCheck is a tool to helps developers and administrators check custom SharePoint solutions that use the SharePoint Object Model in identifying correctly disposing of SharePoint objects to help you follow published best practice. This tool may not show all memory leaks in your code and may produce false positives which need further review by subject matter experts.

The biggest update here is that it now comes complete with an add-in to the Visual Studio 2008/2010 IDE. Sure, you can do this yourself, but, I like it when it is done for me. Call me lazy, I call myself “efficient” 🙂

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