Bring the Force to your Teams Meetings

Good afternoon, and hope everyone is having a safe time being cooped up at home. Now that we are all using different meeting applications now, and having a lot more video calls, it seems as if the fun was all being had by those on Zoom calls. However, my good friend Paul Hunt shared the secret to getting your backgrounds into Microsoft Teams.

Resize your images to 1980 x 1020 and drop them into:


The great thing about all of this is, Star Wars released official backgrounds just for video conferencing this past week! Now, go grab a few, and follow along below.

Then, in your video settings for the meeting, click the ellipses on the control bar in teams, and select Show background effects


Then select one of your newly acquired Star Wars backgrounds, and hit Apply.


So now, you can unleash the power of the dark side in your teams meetings


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