Calculating Site Collection Usage via SQL

I have been slow on the informational posts lately, sorry about that! Have had lots happening in the work world over the past few months, and have not been able to get much done in that arena, between SharePoint Saturday Boston, The SharePoint Technology Conference, Best Practices Conference, business development, the SharePoint Saturday Boston Webinar Series, the Boston Area SharePoint Users Group, writing chapters for a book, as well as client work (last, but certainly not least), my blog entries have become few and far between.

I also need to get my feedburner redirected from live spaces, and oh so much more…

However, I thought I would write a quick post! I use this quick SQL statement from time to time, and used it again today, and wanted to share it quickly with the few souls that actually read this blog 🙂

   1: SELECT FullUrl AS URL,(DiskUsed/1024) AS SiteCollectionUsedKB from Sites


Simple, but, it gets the job done. From your content database, running this query will return the URL of the site collection, as well as its storage allocation. Handy, and useful!

Twenty tips to write a good stored procedure – SQLServerCentral

Came across this article today (well actually, it found me by way of my inbox). It provides some great suggestions for performance and tuning of SQL stored procedures. Most developers need to write a stored procedures here and there, and some more than others. Even if you are a certified DBA, and all you do is SQL, you still may gain some knowledge. It’s quick, and worth the read.
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